Three-stop Through-Car Goods Lift
– The Entertainer Case Study

“Niche Lifts were very fast with their response time and provided initial costs, estimates, as well as arranging for me to view similar installations, all within 24 hours of my enquiry. Niche Lifts have provided a professional and experienced project management service that was exemplary throughout the process.” – Charles Creak, Facilities Manager, The Entertainer in Little Chalfont

With a busy Christmas approaching, Niche Lifts were contracted by Charles Creak, Facilities Manager for The Entertainer in Little Chalfont, Amersham to install a goods lift within their warehouse. As the biggest independent toy retailer in the UK, the company’s increased success and expansion means that they have become the most popular choice for children’s toys. As a result of this, and the seasonal surge in business, efficient floor to floor movement of stock is essential for keeping orders moving through the system.

In advance of the Christmas seasonal peak, The Entertainer hires upwards of 200 extra staff to pick, pack and facilitate the distribution of stock to the 90 stores across the UK to ensure customers are never disappointed by pre-Christmas toy availability. To assist with inward and outward bound goods movement, the company decided to invest and purchase either a goods lift or an inclined goods conveyor belt to transport stock between the ground floor warehouse to the first and second floors for packaging. After investigating their options, they eventually decided that a goods lift was the optimum choice.

With the large amount of retail outlets The Entertainer has, Charles Creak, the Companies Facilities Manager was already very experienced in the commissioning and overseeing of the maintenance of the lifts in the company’s stores. As a result, the company had a good idea of what they wanted and the costs associated with this kind of project.

The three stop, through-car goods lift was installed to budget, and in time for the busy Christmas period, which provided The Entertainer with invaluable help during their busiest time of the year.

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