Dorado Inclined Stair Lift

  • Convenient and Easy to Use
  • Numerous Built-in Safety Features
  • Works on Any Straight Stair
  • Right or Left Hand Fixing
  • Only 330mm Deep When Parked
  • Pressure-Sensitive Ramps and Undertray
  • Internal or External Installation

The Dorado Inclined Platform Stair Lift by Niche Lifts is the complete lift solution for public and commercial buildings with limited space and environments where a traditional passenger lift is unsuited. Although primarily designed for wheelchair users, a Niche Dorado Platform Lift is ideal for passengers with varying mobility issues.

Inclined Platform Lifts for Safe Access in Public & Commercial Buildings

For easy installation, the Dorado inclined wheelchair stair lifts can be fitted on either side of a stairway and are suited for buildings with a maximum of two landings. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors, with little or no structural modifications.

Three different options of platform sizes are available, to accommodate various wheelchair types.

Our Dorado inclined platform lifts are designed and manufactured with easy-to-use compact folded platforms, offering a safe and smooth ride for all passengers. When parked and folded, they have a profile of only 330-350mm, making them unobtrusive and leaving the staircase free for other users.

Niche Dorado Inclined Lifts also help businesses achieve the requirements of the Equality Act.

Typical Applications

Suitable for Internal or External Straight Step /Stair Installation in:

  • Hotels & Guest Homes

Supplying a platform stair lift within your hotel or guest home is an effective way to expand your range of guests and position your business in front of your competitors, as it would allow guests of all mobility levels access to every floor.

  • Residential & Care Homes

Our residential and care home stair lifts offer a long-lasting mobility solution for wheelchair users, ensuring that they maintain independence in and around their homes and healthcare premises. With Niche’s residential stair lifts, no structural changes to your home are required and they can fit quickly and easily on any straight stair.

  • Commercial & Retail Locations

Niche Lifts’ commercial and retail stair lifts are suited for a wide range of public locations including office buildings, leisure facilities and shopping centres. To match your building’s aesthetics and architectural design, our team of lift specialists can provide advice whilst recommending a commercial/retail platform stair lift that best suits your design as well as your building’s functional needs.

Key Platform Stair Lift Benefits

  • No additional space necessary on the upper landing
  • Internal and external options
  • Compact design
  • Optional load requirements
  • One day installation (subject to site conditions)
  • Folds flat against the wall when not in use
  • Quiet and easy to use
  • Joystick control from the platform
  • Wall mounted key switch call, send and stop buttons
  • Soft start
  • Non slip floor
  • Automatic safety stop and overload features

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Dorado Inclined Stairlift Specifications

Model Type Inclined Wheelchair Access Platform Lift
Rated Load 225kg, 300kg on request
Stair Angle 20 to 50 degrees
Rated Speed 0.1 m/s
Drive Type Rack and pinion width 400w motor and soft start/stop
Number of Stops 2
Power Supply 230v, 1 phase, 50hz
Travel Single flight of stairs
Operation Can be called from either landing even if folded away
Safety – Will only operate if the arms and ramps are folded and in place
– Over speed governor
– Low voltage controls
– Emergency stop buttons
– Thermal overload
– Electrical components to IP65
– Pressure sensitive ramps and undertray
Emergency Operation Manual hand-wind in event of power failure
Controls Key switched controls at each landing and user controls of lift/lower/stop
Configuration Left or right hand fixing
Rail Satin finish aluminium with 80mm x 160mm profile
Platform 1000mm x 800mm, 900mm x 750mm, or 1250mm x 800mm
Options – Non-standard platform size
– Fold down seat
– Non-standard colours
– Attendant control
– Battery back-up
– Remote control
Standards Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Documentation Owners guide issued on completion.
Training Operation demonstrated on completion.

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