A dumbwaiter lift installed in a home environment

Apart from restaurants in shopping centres, it’s fairly rare to find a premise that has a requirement for any more than a 3-stop lift. As a result, a well-designed and manufactured platform lift offers significant budgetary savings over a traditional traction or hydraulic lift.

Together with the need for some building works (no deep lift pit or motor room is required), which in some instances are straightforward and minimal, a platform or cabin lift can be installed and fully operational within a matter of weeks. Niche Lifts passenger lifts are reliable, easy to use and fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010.

High-quality Food Lifts for UK Restaurants & Catering Facilities

In a catering environment, high volumes of food, cutlery and tableware are continually moving around. In a multi-story building where food is served on a floor different to the one it is prepared on, the necessity for prompt service, quick retrieval and the dispensing of both clean and unwashed utensils is imperative for customer satisfaction. This is additional to the constant pressure to maintain high levels of food safety standards.

Niche Lifts supplies and installs a selection of trolley lifts and dumbwaiter lifts to provide easy movement of small goods and food between floors. They are ideal for catering environments, being robust, reliable, and generally quick to install. They can carry loads of up to 300kg.

A dumbwaiter lift installed in a home environment