Vertical platform lift situated inside a school corridor

To comply with the Equality Act, all schools and public buildings must provide transport solutions to enable students, staff and visitors of all levels of ability to move freely around the facilities. Internal and external lifting solutions are often necessary within educational grounds to provide this free movement. Additionally, the safe floor to floor transportation of catering and other school supplies within the premises can be required to maintain the smooth running of day to day activities.

Quality Platform Lifts for UK Schools & Universities

Niche Lifts provides a range of options for platform lifts in educational premises, including passenger lifts, cabin lifts and internal/external low rise platform lifts for the movement of wheelchair users over stairways or uneven ground. Our wide range of attended and non-attendant goods lifts, along with our service lifts, provide ideal options for the movement of schooling supplies and food.

Our fully trained installers and engineers are accustomed to working in sensitive environments where young people or those with disabilities are present, and so work discreetly to cause minimal disruption to the daily education routine.

Vertical platform lift situated inside a school corridor