Aquila Fully Clad Goods Lifts

  • Easy to Install
  • Robust Design
  • Self-Supporting Structure Anchored to the Building
  • Limited Requirements for Builders Work
  • Up to 9 Metres of Travel
  • Variable Car Sizes
  • 500kg – 2000kg Load Capacity
  • Minimal Pit 100mm
  • No Separate Machine Room
  • Through Car Options
  • Attended and goods only versions

Niche Goods Lifts, with options for goods only and passenger/attendants, are designed and manufactured for safe and reliable use in environments where the lift is required to travel up to a maximum of 4 stops.

With no machine room, no pit and no shaft headroom, the free-standing and self-supporting structure is supplied with full cladding and only requires limited building works. This makes them a highly cost-effective and ideal Goods Lift solution.

The modular concept of the Niche Aquila Goods Only Lifts provides customers with a range of car sizes and duty capacities to suit business needs.

With internal car heights of up to 2200mm and load capacities of up to 2000kg, Niche Aquila Goods Only Lifts are more than capable of transporting a wide range of heavy and bulky goods.

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Aquila Goods Only 500kg to 2000kg Fully Clad Lift Specifications

Model Type Goods only fully clad lift
Rated Load 500, 1000, 1500, 2000kg
Speed 0.15 m/s
Drive system geared traction machine VVVF speed regulator
Power supply 3-phase 380-400-415 Vac
Installation Free-standing modular structure. RAL 9005 Black Anchoring the structure to each floor is recommended
Lift car
  • Built in steel plate, finished in RAL 7032 Beige
  • Floor finish in steel plate, coated in RAL 7032 Beige
  • Direct fluorescent lighting
  • Other finishes available upon request
Entrance configuration Single or open through at 180°
Landing doors Manual single or double hinged with window. Finished in epoxy painted steel. RAL 9005 Black. UNE EN 81-58:2004 E120
Lift car door The standard model is supplied without car doors
Height of structure Max. 12m
Travel Max. 9m
Number of levels Max. 4 levels
Guides length 5m
Minimum travel between floors with same entrance 2150mm (1800 car height + 350mm)
Minimum travel between floors with different entrance (0 and 180): 350mm
Minimum headroom Lift car internal height + 700mm
Minimum structure headroom Lift car internal height + 600mm
Pit The standard package is supplied with a 100mm pit incorporated into the structure
Traction Gearbox with 1 brake
Control system APB call and send lift control system from landings
Landing operating panel – Push buttons with led
– Emergency stop push button
Shaft lighting Direct fluorescent lighting
Lift car internal height 1800, 1900, 2000, 2100, 2200mm
Lift car width From 1000mm to 2000mm in 100mm increments
Lift car depth From 1000mm to 2000mm in 100mm increments
Minimum necessary lift shaft width Lift car width + 470mm
Minimum necessary lift shaft depth Lift car depth + 180mm

Goods Lifts > Aquila Attended 500kg to 2000kg Fully Clad Lift Specifications

Model Type Attended fully clad lift
Lift car – Galvanized car roof
– Car operating panel. Floor push buttons, attendant key switch, alarm button, stop switch
– Performance Level C certified light curtain system according to EN ISO 13849-1.Cat.2
Traction Gearbox with 2 brakes
Control system APB call and send lift control system from landings. Constant pressure lift control in car. (key switch to select operation mode)