Platform lift used in a hospitality environment

Niche Lifts has a long-standing background of working in the hospitality and leisure sectors. Our work has included the installation of platform and step lifts in historic stately homes, golf venues, hotels, sports centres, cinemas and various community centres.

The affordability and ease of installation of Niche Lifts passenger-carrying platform lifts makes them ideal for use in the hospitality and leisure sectors, where there typically isn’t the same level of pressure to provide high-volume and quick-paced passenger flow solutions.

We work closely with our customers to deliver safe and reliable platform lifts for hospitality and leisure buildings; often for use in unusual environments. A self-supporting, three-stop passenger lift that we installed in an indoor rock climbing centre is one example of this. The lift was required to transport club members with limited mobility and in wheelchairs to the third floor. Niche Lifts worked with our customer and their builder to ensure the final delivery was fully compliant and in-line with the centre’s needs.

An external one-stop step lift installed at the Double Tree Hotel in W1 is another example of our experience in installing premium access compliant platform lifts in very busy, highly visible and demanding environments (see our Double Tree case study).

Platform lift used in a hospitality environment