Why choose Niche Lifts?

A home lift installed within a modern home alongside a bending staircase

For many of our customers, particularly those in the domestic market, selecting and specifying the correct lift at the best price for a specific requirement can be not only time consuming but also quite stressful.

At Niche Lifts, we fully understand this. Our experienced and specialist estimators will guide you through the process. We provide impartial advice whilst recommending the product that best suits your design and functional needs.

UK’s Premium Platform Lift Specialists

Niche Lifts is also well known in the commercial market for supplying a wide range of platform and cabin lifts to some of the UK’s most prestigious end users; retailers, hoteliers, restaurant chains, public sector agencies and charities. We provide professional, pragmatic advice and recommendations for all of our customers, making us your ideal partner.

The industry experience of our key personnel spans several decades. As do the relationships we have with some of the most respected market-leading Global and UK based lift manufacturers. It’s these relationships, coupled with our experience and customer focused service that have provided Niche Lifts with a returning customer base envied in the industry.

Our willingness to help and dedication to finding solutions for demanding situations covers the entire range of Niche Lifts products, including internal and external platform lifts, disability lifts, goods and service lifts.

Quality Platform Lift Solutions for Passengers & Goods

All our platform lifts are designed and manufactured to fit into existing buildings with minimal disruption. In most cases, they require only a shallow pit and, in some cases, no pit at all. We can provide passenger and goods lifts in their own self-supporting structures with either glass or pre-painted steel walls and cladding. For installation in pre-built shafts, our lifts can also be installed without cladding.

The platform lifts that we provide are easy to use and benefit customers with a long-term solution for transporting passengers and goods between varying levels and floors. As you would expect, they all comply with The Equality Act and all appropriate safety standards.

Simply put, if you need advice, want to talk platform lifts and how to achieve the best solution; we are happy to help. We won’t ask for any commitment but, should you like our approach and what we have to say, we would love your business.

A home lift installed within a modern home alongside a bending staircase