Attanded goods lift situated in warehouse environment

Within the commercial sector, multi-storey properties are often served by traditional traction or hydraulic lifts. However, for many low to medium rise applications or buildings with access problems, a platform or cabin lift is the ideal economical solution for moving people between floors and ranging step levels.

Since the implementation of the Disability Discrimination Act (now the Equality Act), Niche Lifts has been installing enclosed multi-floor platform lifts, cabin lifts and step lifts in commercial premises. As a result, our experience in this sector makes us the ideal platform lift specialist. We understand that in the commercial sector, our products need to harmonise with the aesthetics of the building, be easy to use and smooth in operation.

Internal & External Commercial Platform Lifts for your Offices

Niche can supply and install both internal and external commercial platform lifts, internal cabin lifts and provide semi-bespoke passenger and goods lifts for low to medium rise buildings. We also provide scenic options for those locations where the lift is an integral feature of the building’s architecture.

Attanded goods lift situated in warehouse environment