Vega & Aquila Attended Goods Lifts

Attended goods lifts are ideal for locations where the stairway is not in close proximity to the lift, or where goods are being frequently moved and require worker handling.

In these instances, Niche Lifts can supply and install goods lifts which can carry an attendant to accompany the goods and to assist with fast and efficient loading/unloading.

As with our non-attended goods lift, our attended goods lift operates within a steel shaft structure which is anchored to the building, and can be either clad to all four sides or installed in a traditional lift shaft.

Depending upon specification, a Niche Lifts attended goods can travel up to 15 metres (5 stops), and only requires a 200mm pit. A 4-stop option is available that only requires a 100mm pit.

  • Vega and Aquila Goods Lift with Attendant – Key Facts

  • 300kg to 2,000kg capacity
  • Up to 15m travel
  • Up to 6 floors
  • Machine-room-less
  • EC Machinery Directive 2006/48/EC

Cost of installation of an Attended Goods Lift

For Goods Lifts with Attendant please use our budget Price Calculator here, or call now on 020 8295 2852 to speak with one of our sales consultants for advice on the right product for your application.