Rigel Value Home Lifts

  • Easy To Install
  • Stylish Design
  • Hold-to-Run, Destination Buttons
  • Limited Requirements for Builders Work
  • Up to 9 Metres of Travel
  • Lift Structure Anchored to the Building for Stability
  • Optional Platform Sizes
  • Load Capacity 250kg
  • Energy Saving Led Lighting Throughout the Lift
  • No Separate Machine Room
  • Back-Up Battery Pack Allows Return to the Next Lower Floor in the Event of a Power Failure

Niche Lifts are the specialists in home lifts and residential platform lifts. If you’re looking for a domestic platform lift for your home, it’s important to choose the right lift company. Our experience and expertise ensures that we’ll help you choose the right home lift for your needs and install it to our exacting standards.

The Rigel domestic platform lift has been designed for home use, providing easy access for both wheelchair users and standing passengers alike. It requires a minimal pit or can be supplied with a ramp, is installed in its own structure and can travel up to 9 metres. Quiet when in operation, the Rigel home lift is a safe, reliable and attractively-designed asset to any home.

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Residential Home Platform Lift Technical Specification

Model Type Home platform lift
Rated Load 225kg
Rated Speed 0.15m/s
Drive Type Screw driven with automatic lubrication system.
Number of Stops Up to 4 stops
Power Supply 230v, 1 phase, 50hz
Travel Up to 9 metres
Pit 50mm, if a pit is not available we can supply a ramp.
Platform & Shaft Sizes
Platform Size Required Shaft Size
1080mm deep x 805mm wide 1370mm deep x 910mm wide
880mm deep x 805mm wide 1170mm deep x 910mm wide
580mm deep x 805mm wide 870mm deep x 805mm wide
Emergency Alarm Telephone handset or optional handsfree autodialer.
Controls Constant pressure buttons designed for user with reduced mobility on platform and one touch on landing.
Emergency stop and alarm buttons on car.
Configuration Single entry, adjacent available on request. Please call for details.
Door Type Door Type GL large glazed door non fire rated.
Shaft Enclosure Standard enclosure with powder coated finish to RAL 9016 complete with shaft ceiling and light.
Special Items Platform flooring with slip resistant surface
Sensitive edges fitted around the platform and carriage as a safety feature, which will immediately stop the platform if contact is made
Power fail operation battery operated emergency lowering to the next floor
Options Powered door openers
Safety glass enclosure panels
Handsfree autodialer
Alternate RAL colour for the enclosure
Remote control operation
Standards Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Documentation Owners guide issued on completion.
Training Operation demonstrated on completion.

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