Platform lift used in a retail environment

The consumer market is one of the most unforgiving sectors of commerce. Every customer, irrespective of their mobility needs, requires easy access to upper floor levels. A platform or cabin lift is often the economical solution to provide safe and easy to use floor-to-floor passenger transport.

Niche Lifts’ experience in the retail sector goes back to before the 2004 implementation of the service provider’s responsibility part of the Disability Discrimination Act 1994. From these earlier days, we have been assisting retailers with platform lifts designed and manufactured to accommodate passenger needs of all levels of physical ability. This includes the provision of easy access for wheelchair users and children’s buggies.

Platform Lifts for the Retail Sector

We are also very aware of the importance of efficient and timely goods flow between floors. Our goods lifts range gives our customers the option of goods only, attended, and passenger lifts with a light goods option.

We know that disruption to customer flow can occur in a fully operational retail premises when installing or servicing a platform or cabin lift. Niche Lifts will work with you to overcome any disruptions by carrying out work at times complimentary to your opening hours; minimising disruption to the shopping experience.

Platform lift used in a retail environment