Inclined Stair Lift
– Trinity Church Case Study

 “We are all so pleased at just how happy Jean was to be returning to church”, and he additionally complimented the Niche Lifts team for their help and professionalism throughout the entire process. – Ken Tasker, Church Fabric Officer

Visitors to churches are seldom there for business or financial reasons, so access can quickly become a subject charged with emotion. Exactly the case for dedicated church member Jean Gillespie, who began to struggle climbing the set of stairs into her local church. As time went on, the struggle became too much, and Jean was no longer able to attend Sunday church service with her daughter Alison.

Something had to be done to provide Jean with the ability to resume her regular church attendances. So to help Jean and to increase the existing levels of disability access to the church, Ken Tasker, Church Fabric Officer, started an internet quest for a suitable disability lift supplier.

The search took Ken to the Niche Lifts website, where he found exactly what was needed – an inclined stairlift for the Trinity with Palm Grove United Reformed and Methodist Church. The church, located in Birkenhead, was originally formed in 1977, and was one of the first ecumenical projects in the country. After speaking with Niche Lifts, an appropriate choice was made – a Dorado Internal Inclined Stairlift for wheelchair and standing access for those with walking aids. The chosen inclined stairlift enables easy access to the first landing of the church for Jean and others with limited mobility. Additionally, the compact folding design was ideal as the stairs were narrow with limited room for bulky equipment. The lift provides a safe and comfortable ride for its passenger, with automatic safety bars for all around protection and an automatic ramp for smooth entry.

The installation was quick and simple with minimum disruption to the church. Jean and her daughters are delighted with the new lift as Jean can now happily attend Sunday church service without any struggle or inconvenience, once again uniting all the church’s members.

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