Internal Platform Lift
– 1-2 South Avenue Case Study

“We chose Niche because we’d worked with them in the past and had positive experiences. Again they were very efficient and easy to work with.” –  Andrew Trevillion, Stiff + Trevillion

South Avenue Studios, situated a short walk from Kew Gardens, is a newly refurbished development carried out by the award winning architects Stiff + Trevillion. Both residential and commercial with a lofty feel, South Avenue Studios is a hidden beauty and creative hub.

Home to the MCM creative group, who specialises in communicating through live events, film, digital and experiential means for their clients, South Avenue Studios is a buzzing centre of creativity. However, when it comes to access, and the safety surrounding it, traditional service can often be the best choice. So naturally, Niche Lifts was asked to get involved.

Contracted by Stiff + Trevillion, Niche Lifts was required to complete the installation of a 0-3rd floor lift. The installation of the lift was necessary to increase the accessibility of the building for those living and working inside as well as to comply with The Equality Act 2010. The white, glass and brushed steel aesthetic of the lift perfectly complements the modern and fresh design of the office space and building as a whole.

Niche carried out the installation promptly and met all of the project specifications set out by the client. When asked about the job, Director of Stiff + Trevillion, Andrew Treviliion said that the Niche site team was ‘very good’ and ‘efficient’ and had hired them due to the positive experiences that he has had with them previously.

Since the successful installation of the lift there have been no problems and the lift continues to run well, work as it should and provide easy access to the upper floors of the building. Another lift safely in place thanks to Niche!

Full Case Study Download:

1-2 South Avenue [PDF – 2016 KB]

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