Our specialist range of passenger lifts have been carefully selected to accommodate all users, and are ideally suited for wheelchair access or passengers with either full or impaired mobility. The lifts we supply and install can serve buildings of up to six floors high. Niche goods lifts are ideal for a wide variety of commercial and retail environments. They are suitable for either attended or unattended transport of goods. The Niche Lifts range of powered platform lifts are ideal for instances where disability or wheelchair access is needed, but the installation of a traditional, larger capacity lift is not feasible, required or financially viable. The vertical platform lifts, passenger lifts, low rise platform lifts and inclined stair lifts that we supply and install are all suitable and available for disabled/wheelchair users.

Competitive Pricing

Highly competitive pricing with delivery for most products in 6 WEEKS and installation just 4 days, subject to product type.

Please call us on 020 8295 2852 for further information on our various lifts.