Platform Lifts

What is a Platform Lift?

Platform lifts are cost-effective, easy-to-install lifts that enable efficient vertical access for disabled users or those with limited mobility. Their provision of significant savings over traditional traction or hydraulic lifts also makes them a popular option for passenger and goods lifts in buildings where limited construction/builders’ work is required.

Platform Lift technology

Unlike traditional lifts, platform lifts do not require a deep pit at the base of the lift, a lift shaft or a motor-room; they are generally self-contained structures that take little time to install. Predominantly, they use efficient motors and screw-driven drive technology, are low-cost to run and require minimal servicing.

Commercial, public and residential sector solutions

Available in a variety of different types, platform lifts are flexible for different requirements and are easy to maintain. For commercial or public buildings, they can help with compliance for the Equality Act 2010 (formerly DDA) and Building Regulations Part ‘M’, ensuring that buildings are offering the appropriate, fair accessibility solutions. As they are mainly self-standing structures, platform lifts can easily be fully customised to match the interior/exterior environments they are to be installed in. This is of particular importance in residential environments, where platform lifts can become an aesthetically pleasing addition to the home.

Types of Platform Lifts

As a company specialising in platform lifts, Niche Lifts has over 14 years of experience during which we have delivered a variety of solutions from external platform lifts suitable for outdoor use to diverse indoor options differing in lift dimensions and sizes to suit specific project requirements. All the lifts we deliver are fully compliant with the latest legislation covering the requirements for disabled access, however, Niche Lifts can provide further consultation to help you choose the right platform lift suitable for wheelchairs or disabled passengers which will fit your project and the passengers the best.

Our platform lift range consists of the following types. If you are still not sure which solution is right for you, read our Buyer’s Guide here providing further information on what to consider when choosing the lift.

internal platform lift

Internal Platform Lift

Internal platform lifts are the favoured solution for buildings requiring wheelchair and disabled access (as well as the transportation of light goods if necessary). Carrying up to either 410kg or 500kg, internal platform lifts can travel up to 9 meters and achieve up to 5 stops.  

low rise platform lift

Low Rise Platform Lift

Low rise platform lifts are suitable for those requiring access up and down shorter vertical distances up to 1000mm. With a 300kg capacity, these smaller free standing structures in some cases can be used as an alternative to stairlifts.  

residential platform lift

Residential Platform Lift

Ideal as a lift for your home, residential platform lifts provide a compact 250kg option best suited for residential environments with limited floor space. As with all platform lifts, there is no deep pit, so they can be installed quickly and proficiently, causing minimum disruption.  

passenger platform lift

Passenger Platform Cabin Lifts

Passenger platform cabin lifts are suited for low-rise buildings (up to 9m travel) for all passenger types and particularly for those with limited mobility or in wheelchairs. Similar to internal platform lifts – the main differentiators being the provision of a cabin with a cabin door allow one touch control operation. Either swing hinge doors or side opening doors can be provided, such is the versatility of the product.  

external platform lift

External Platform Lift

External platform lifts are the ideal solution for providing external disabled and wheelchair access for larger vertical distances that are unsuitable for inclined or low rise platforms. The external platform lift can carry up to 400kg and is fully weatherproof. Like all platform lifts, they can be installed in many cases without significant builders’/construction work.  

Platform Lift Case Studies

platform lifts office Internal Platform Lift Case Studies:
Kent Scouts
London Kings Hotel
The Third Space
Fastlane Turnstiles

Passenger Platform Lift Case Studies:
Betchworth Park Golf Club

Competitive Pricing

Highly competitive pricing with delivery for most products in 6 WEEKS and installation just 4 days, subject to product type.

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