Internal Platform Lift
– Empire Cinema Case Study

“Niche has done a fantastic job, we are very pleased with the job they have done.” – Steve Clode, Facilities Manager

Year upon year, the latest hotly anticipated blockbusters are released to the delight of the UK’s eager moviegoers, all overjoyed to see the latest in cinematic entertainment. Understandably, with this built up anticipation comes a bustling crowd and subsequently, a busy environment. Like any public building where volumes of visitors can be high, it is essential for cinemas to be compliant with the Equality Act 2010, offering accessibility to everyone with disabled access lifts.

With three internal steps across the width of the entire lobby entrance, Bromley’s Empire Cinema had previously had a low-rise platform lift installed. However, it had become unreliable and was over time, consistently breaking down and restricting access for disabled visitors into the cinema. These visitors subsequently began making requests to the Cinema Management to help make their visit to the cinema a more enjoyable, easier and stress-free trip.

Wishing to resolve the unreliable access issue for the cinema’s visitors, the Management Team at the Bromley Empire Cinema decided that something needed to be done to make sure everyone came away from the cinema having had a positive, memorable experience. Researching their options online, the Management Team arrived at the Niche Lifts website, where they were able to look at the extensive range of different access options available, including vertical and inclined platform lifts.

Seeking something easy to install and suitable for use in a busy public environment meant that the product selection needed careful consideration, and so, after having a discussion with Niche regarding budget and usability, the cinema decided upon an enclosed internal platform lift.

The Niche internal platform lift was chosen because of its reliability and ease of use – all that is required is the press of a button and with no pit, no ramps were needed to enter or leave the lift. Being fully enclosed, the lift is far safer than the previous installation, and is considerably more aesthetically pleasing, with its clean-cut, white exterior and glass panelling, it is easy to identify by disabled visitors and is positioned unobtrusively, leaving plenty of room on the stairs for busy crowds to pass through safely.

Bromley Empire Cinema’s disabled visitors can now happily make frequent, easy use of the internal platform lift, and all at the cinema are pleased to now be able to offer reliable accessibility to all.

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Empire Cinema Bromley [PDF – 316 KB]

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