Passenger Platform Lift
– Betchworth Park Golf Club Case Study

 “Niche did a very good job; the lift looks good in situ and does not clash with the tone of the building, and the performance of the lift has been very good. There were no problems with the installation process, and the ongoing relationship has been very positive on both sides.” – Tim Lowe, Manager, Betchworth Park Golf Club

The project at Betchworth Park Golf Club, Surrey, was for the installation of a ground to first floor passenger platform lift in an existing traditional club house building. As a well-established members only club, Betchworth Park Golf Club is known as one of the best golf courses in southern England. Therefore, the management committee came to a decision that it was necessary for their older, treasured members and friends of the club to have full, easy access to the building, adding the lift has also meant that club members are now able to bring mobility impaired family to the golf club.

Manager of the club, Tim Lowe, met Gary Watson of Niche Lifts to discuss a quote and found they responded speedily with helpful advice. Tim’s objective was to ensure the club not only achieved value for money but also to ensure their new lift was both reliable and durable. The process needed Tim to approach two other lift specialist companies to quote and recommend an appropriate lift for the project, so we were all delighted once Tim confirmed that we had been awarded the job. His reasoning was that we were the most cost-effective, as well as being the fastest to respond.

The Zeta Passenger Cabin Lift selected for Betchworth Park Golf Club is a ground to first floor fully enclosed platform lift, located centrally in the building, it allows those with mobility issues to access the first floor where catering takes place. This has helped the club to host more private functions such as wedding receptions and other large gatherings to ensure that everyone visiting the club will be able to access all of the facilities.

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