Residential Lifts for the Home

Home lifts have become very popular in recent years, not just for solving current access issues, but for home-owners who wish to future-proof their home or simply make getting up and downstairs a more pleasant experience. In most cases, residential lifts and home lifts have relatively light usage and can often be used when an occupant is alone or the building is sparsely occupied. In cases like this, reliability and ease-of-use are of paramount importance.

Affordable home lifts

Cost is also a key factor in the selection process,not only for the initial installation but for the long-term running of the lift. It’s for this reason that all of the lifts supplied and installed by Niche lifts utilise the most energy-efficient technology currently available to ensure your long-term satisfaction with the purchase.

Choosing the right lift for your home

The experience that Niche Lifts has in the home lift market, combined with the extensive choice of residential lift types that we offer as a leading independent lift company, means we are ideally positioned to help you select the ideal product for your home. The residential lift types that we stock range from inclined platform lifts (also known as stairlifts) and low-rise step lifts to fully enclosed vertical platform lifts designed to blend into your home decor. The range of medium rise vertical lifts Niche Lifts supplies offers customers  a choice of car sizes, styles, finishes and a selection of drive and speed options. Read our Buyer’s Guide to help choose the right lift for you and your home. To find out more about the different types of platform lift we offer please visit our main platform lifts page.

The following types of lift are available in a residential environment, click to find out more:

Competitive Pricing

Highly competitive pricing with delivery for most products in 6 WEEKS and installation just 4 days, subject to product type.

Please call us on 020 8295 2852 for further information on our various lifts.