Niche RP1 Residential Platform Lift
Model Type Niche RP1 Residential Platform
Rated Load 250kg (economical footprint ideal for home applications)
Rated Speed 0.1 m/s
Drive Type Hydraulic direct acting
Number of Stops Up to 3 stops
Power Supply 230v, 1 phase, 50hz
Travel Up to 6.0 metres
Pit 85mm, if a pit is not available we can supply a ramp
Platform & Shaft Sizes
Platform Size Required Shaft Size
1400 mm deep x 1100 mm wide 1550 mm deep x 1320 mm wide
1400mm deep x 900 mm wide 1550 mm deep x 1120 mm wide
1250 mm deep x 900 mm wide 1400 mm deep x 1120 mm wide
Emergency Alarm Hands free Autodialer on the platform
Controls Constant pressure buttons designed for user with reduced mobility on platform and one touch controls on the landings. Emergency stop and alarm buttons on car. Voice synthesizer and position indicator.
Configuration Single entry or through car or adjacent please see drawings for configurations and platform sizes
Door Type Large glazed door panel as standard
Shaft Enclosure Standard freestanding structure with powder coated finish to four standard colour choices with gazed panels as required
Platform Flooring Slip resistant surface
Sensitive Edges Fitted around the platform as a safety feature, which will immediately stop the platform if contact is made
Handwinding Easily accessible from outside the lift shaft to move the platform in case of power failure
Options External model Battery operation for a maximum of seven journeys Powered door openers 0.15m/s rated speed Key access control Fire rated landing doors
Documentation Owners guide issued on completion
Training Operation demonstrated on completion
Compliance EN 81.41 Supply of machinery (safety) regulations 2008 EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Niche Lifts are the specialists in platform and residential lifts. When you’re looking for a platform lift for your home it’s important to choose the right lift company. Our experience and expertise ensure that we’ll help you choose the right domestic lift for your needs and install it to our exacting standards.

Residential Platform Lifts

The Niche Residential Platform Lift has been designed for domestic residential use, providing easy access for both wheelchair users and standing passengers alike. The Niche Residential Platform Lift requires no pit, is installed in its own self-supporting structure and can travel up to 9 metres. Quiet when in operation, the Niche Residential Platform Lift is safe, reliable and an attractively-designed asset to any home.

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Key Facts
  • 250kg rated load
  • 6m maximum travel
  • Internal applications
  • Up to 3 stops
  • 3 platform sizes
  • 230v, 1 phase, 50hz
  • Battery lowering as standard
  • Steel enclosure
  • No Machine room needed
  • Screw driven with automatic lubrication system

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