Below is a list of the Adobe PDF drawings available for the inclined platform lifts. There is a different drawing for each lift configuration. Clicking on the drawing number will open the drawing in another browser window.
Category Drawing Number Description
900mm x 750mm Platform 1080/A (76kb) Right hand wall mounted
1081/A (76kb) Left hand wall mounted
1175/A (79kb) Right hand stanchion mounted
1176/A (79kb) Left hand stanchion mounted
1000mm x 800mm Platform 1091/A (80kb) Left hand wall mounted
1092/A (80kb) Right hand wall mounted
1177/A (83kb) Left hand stanchion mounted
1178/A (83kb) Right hand stanchion mounted
1300mm x 800mm Platform 1179/A (78kb) Right hand wall mounted
1180/A (79kb) Left hand wall mounted
1181/A (81kb) Right hand stanchion mounted
1182/A (82kb) Left hand stanchion mounted

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