Niche Inclined Stairlift Specification
Model Type Inclined Platform Lift
Rated Load 225kg, 300kg on request
Stair Angle 20 to 50 degrees
Rated Speed 0.1 m/s
Drive Type Rack and pinion width 400w motor and soft start/stop
Number of Stops 2
Power Supply 240v, 3 phase, 50hz
Travel Single flight of stairs
Operation Can be called from either landing even if folded away
Safety Will only operate if the arms and ramps are folded and in place Over speed governer Low voltage controls Emergency stop buttons Thermal overload Electrical components to IP65Pressure sensitive ramps and undertray
Emergency Operation Manual hand-wind in event of power failure
Controls Key switched controls at each landing and user controls of lift/lower/stop
Configuration Left or right hand fixing
Rail Satin finish aluminium with 80mm x 160mm profile
Platform 1000mm x 800mm, 900mm x 750mm, or 1300mm x 800mm
Documentation Owners guide issued on completion
Training Operation demonstrated on completion
Options Non-standard platform size Fold down seat Non-standard colours Attendant control Battery back-up Remote control

Wheelchair Stairlifts

An inclined stairlift is the ideal solution for buildings that have limited space and so may be unable to facilitate a vertical rise or enclosed passenger lift. Designed for straight stairways, Niche Lifts’ easy-to-use compact folding platform provides a safe and smooth ride for wheelchair users. The fully automatic operation of the inclined stairlift is efficient and easy for passengers, requiring no special training to operate.

The Niche Lifts Inclined Platform Lift has options for three different platform sizes to accommodate various types of wheelchair and electric scooter. When parked and folded, it has a profile of only 285mm, making it unobtrusive and leaving the staircase free for other users. For easy installation, the stairlift can be mounted on either side of the stairway and is suitable for buildings with up to two landings.

Niche Lifts’ inclined stairlifts and wheelchair lifts can be installed with little or no structural modifications. The simple solution for when you want a quick, no-hassle stairlift installation.

How Much Does A Wheelchair Stairlift Cost?

Get a fast, inclined stairlift quote here using our Quick Quote Calculator or read more about our available inclined stairlift maintenance services.

Typical Applications

Suitable for Internal or External Straight Stair Installation in:
  • Hotels & Guest Homes
  • Residential & Care Homes
  • Commercial & Retail Locations

Key Facts

  • Stair Angle 20 to 50 degrees suitable for single flight of stairs
  • 225kg rated load
  • 3 platform sizes
  • Two stops/floor levels
  • Single phase (240v, 3 phase, 50hz in Tech Spec)
  • Rack and pinion drive with 400w motor and soft start/stop
  • Internal or external application
  • Can be called from either landing even if folded away

Competitive Pricing

Highly competitive pricing with delivery for most products in 6 WEEKS and installation just 4 days, subject to product type.

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