Improving Access for Disabled Customers in Retail Environments (February 2016)

It’s that time of year when the Christmas and the New Year buzz has calmed in retail environments; the sales and the festivities are over and the shops have gone back to normal. However, for those with limited mobility or those who use wheelchairs, it might be the first chance they’ve had in weeks to confidently go shopping without the worry of fitting between the aisles of crammed shelves and rails. Imagining adding this concern to wondering if your favourite store will have a means of access other than steps, and perhaps even if you’d be able to reach the chip and pin machine to simply make a payment. Sadly, this is the stark reality for disabled customers every year, and despite some shops and businesses providing 2010 Equality Act compliant platform lifts, step lifts and other means of access, more still needs to be done. A recent report from describes how more focus should be centered on ensuring disabled shoppers have the same experience as other visitors. In the report it is made apparent that providing alternative access to steps does not simply make a retail environment 100% disability or wheelchair-friendly.

“Retailers who don’t cater for people who are less able, are missing out on a combined spending power of more than 200 billion pounds.”

– Disability Minister (Source: Suggestions for improvements centre mainly on the topic of floor and aisle space. With retailers understandably wanting to get as much stock out as possible around times such as Christmas, they are encouraged to think more carefully about customer flow and accessibility. Narrow aisles and frantic crowds mean customers in wheelchairs have little chance of navigating through stores safely and enjoyably. Of course, many retailers will be by no means be intentionally isolating disabled customers from their stores, but by spreading awareness of things that we can do to improve shopping accessibility for everyone that may not be immediately apparent; we can hopefully see an improvement on fairer access for all. If you would like to find out more information about the Equality Act, please click here.  

Niche Lifts – Christmas Opening Hours

For your awareness, see below for our opening hours over the festive period. Please note, our 24/7 emergency callout service will continue to run as normal, this number is 020 8295 2852.
Wednesday 23rd December 2015 8.00 – 17.00
Thursday24th December 2015Christmas Eve – Closed
Friday25th December 2015Christmas Day – Closed
Saturday26th December 2015 Boxing Day – Closed
Sunday27th December 2015 Closed
Monday28th December 2015Closed
Tuesday29th December 2015Closed
Wednesday30th December 2015Closed
Thursday31st December 2015New Year’s Eve – Closed
Friday1st January 2016New Year’s Day – Closed
Saturday2nd January 2016Closed
Sunday3rd January 2016Closed
Monday4th January 201608.00-17.00 (normal hours resume)

Niche Lifts has moved offices! (June 2015)

This week, Niche moved to our new office; we are no longer located in London Road, but have moved close by to Farwig Lane, still remaining in the Bromley area. For us, we’ve certainly reached new heights, with our new location being on the 3rd floor… the biggest change is the view! For your information, our new address is as follows (our phone number remains the same): Office 15-16 12 Farwig Lane Bromley Kent BR1 3RB

New Hotel in London Receives Platform Lift from Niche (March 2015)

platform lift in reception of London Kings Hotel London Kings Hotel, located on Edgware Road, was recently opened to the public, and with a new internal platform lift from Niche involved in the build, we thought it would be a good opportunity to record the final outcome of the installation in the brand new hotel surroundings. If you would like to see photos and information about the platform lift installed in the hotel, visit our case study section or download it directly here:London Kings Hotel [PDF – 189 KB]

The Third Space Case Study has now arrived (March 2015)

The Third Space platform lift case study A photography session was organised earlier this year for recording the final outcome of a Niche platform lift installation in The Third Space, London, Soho. Alongside these internal and external photos of the lift we have created another informative case study of the project, which you can see in the case study section or downloaded directly here: The Third Space PDF [107 KB]

Trinity with Palm Grove Church Case Study now online (March 2015)

trinity with palm grove church building Over the past few months, Niche Lifts commissioned a photographer to take some shots of a recent platform lift installation in Trinity with Palm Grove United Reformed and Methodist Church in Birkenhead, Merseyside. To accompany this, we have produced a case study which can be viewed, or downloaded from the case study section, or you can read the PDF directly here: Trinity with Palm Grove Church PDF [544 – KB]

Niche Lifts Arrives on Social Media (November 2014)

Niche Lifts has recently delved into the wide world of social media (see our links below). The reason we have joined these social sites is that plainly, we want to ensure that at Niche we have as many different communicative channels open as possible. We want to be able to connect with people, to build lasting relationships and make sure that we are here to listen to what you have to say. Not only this, but we feel it is a fantastic opportunity for us to share the latest news and information that comes our way. This way we can discuss our latest platform lift and service lift projects, as well as any product and staff news to keep you involved in what’s going on. Feel free to come and say hello, and if you want to keep up to date with all things Niche Lifts, follow us on: Facebook Twitter Google+

Fastlane Turnstiles Platform Lift Installation – Case Study Now Available (August 2014)

fastlane's internal platform lift During these last few weeks of summer, our next case study has been completed, this time, for the expanding Fastlane Turnstiles in Feltham. A photography session was organised to capture the platform lift in situ inside of the brilliantly modern office building, as well as the lift’s striking glass panel aesthetics. If you would like to see pictures of the location and the installed lift itself, you can find this featured in our case study section, or, you can read the PDF directly here: Fastlane Turnstiles PDF [454 – KB]

Betchworth Park Golf Club Platform Lift Case Study Online (June 2014)

Normally when Gary Watson visits Betchworth Park Golf Club it’s for a round of golf, however, on one recent visit it was to discuss an order for a new lift. To view our case study for the new platform lift at Betchworth Golf Club please check out our case study section, or you can read the PDF here: Betchworth Park Golf Club [340 – KB]  

The Entertainer Goods Lift Case Study (May 2014)

goods only lift in the entertainer - closed In reflection of the diversity of our projects, we have developed a case study on the recent installation of a goods lift in the Entertainer, Little Chalfont. We decided to create a case study for this particular project as initially, the Entertainer were deciding between a goods conveyor belt or a goods lift – you can read more about why a goods lift ended up being the optimum choice for this project with The Entertainer in our case study section, or you can read the PDF directly here: The Entertainer Case Study [PDF – 552 KB]

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